Hi, my name is Evie Gaughan and I am the author of The Heirloom, a fusion of historical and contemporary fiction set in Ireland and The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris, a magical story about a French boulangerie.

Living on the West Coast of Ireland, which is not renowned for its sunny climate, I escape from the inclement weather into my converted attic, to write stories and dream about underfloor heating. Growing up in a walled medieval city, I developed a love of storytelling and all things historical. With a taste for the magical in everyday life, my stories are full of ordinary characters with extraordinary tales to tell.


I didn’t always know I wanted to be a writer, but I always knew I was a storyteller.  Since I can remember, my party piece was always telling a story.  Thankfully, I had a very indulgent family, who would sit for one of my ‘performances’ and give me a big round of applause at the end.  So I suppose I’ve always enjoyed entertaining people with made-up stories, but the writing came much later.

My writing is really inspired by half-formed ideas, fragments of conversations and snippets that accrue over the years.  Sometimes I’ll be trawling the net looking for something and alight on a completely different piece of information, which sends me on all sorts of tangents!  History is my passion and this definitely comes across in my books.  My debut novel, The Heirloom, is set (partly) in medieval Europe when the great Spanish Armada attempted to invade England.  As it turned out, many of the fleet wrecked all along the Irish coastline following a devastating hurricane, so my story started from there.  Many people have dived in these areas searching for Armada treasure, but if you want to find out what happens in my story, you will have to read the book!

My second novel, The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris was actually inspired by a cookery show on TV.  A chef wandered through the streets of Paris, pointing out various restaurants and where to buy the best ingredients.  Finally, she came to a very inconspicuous bakery that had a very well-heeled clientele and was notorious for its privacy and secrecy.  I’m not sure if the patrons wanted all and sundry knowing what kind of bread they bought, or whether the baker was painfully shy, but either way, it stayed in my mind and wouldn’t leave until I wrote a book about it!  I was really able to indulge my love of magical realism in this story.  Finding magic in the everyday is a very strong theme for me and one which I always return to.

My new novel, which I am currently editing, returns to the Dual Timeline genre, which is my favourite format to write in and to read.  I love novels that jump from the past to the future, as I always feel like I’m getting more bang for my buck!  My belief is that the past influences who we are and who we become.  Whether we are trying to escape something or leave something behind, or trying hard to hang onto something, it is always the past that motivates us.

Being an Irish writer also has a huge influence on my writing.  I want to tell stories about my country and my culture in a way that hasn’t been done before.  I want to remind people of our history and our folklore.  My new novel really pays homage to the Ireland of a bygone era and to my ancestors, who lived so close to the land and lived their lives according to the seasons.  It’s such a privilege to be a writer and to be able to tell these stories in my own, unique voice.  When I’m not writing, I like to tell stories on the canvas with my artwork.  Painting is such a complimentary art-form to writing and I really can’t imagine one without the other.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and if you really want to stalk me, just click on the links scattered around the page to find out more!

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  1. Love having found you on Dan Alatorre’s blog! ireland, you say? I once lived in Connemara and worked in Galway, and yes, I wrote a novel set there! Ireland will do this to a person. And, while I’ve got you, your book cover for The Heirloom is a show-stopper!

    1. Great to ‘meet’ you Claire and may I also say that I love your covers too 🙂 Ah Connemara, my spiritual home! Lucky you getting to live there – that’s where I go for my holidays, it’s such a special place. No wonder you were inspired! I imagine you are somewhere sunnier now though, please send some over here 😉

      1. How about Hughes Pub? I wrote about all of this in Dancing to an Irish Reel, whose original title was The Spiddal Pier. My publisher wanted a catchier title, and I do think the book cover appears more “romancy” than the book is! I’m focused on my forthcoming book these days, and will offer you this out of the goodness of my heart: if you are interested in either A Portal in Time or Dancing to an Irish Reel, I’ll e-mail you the ARC and you can park it to read whenever you get around to it. Just tell me where to send. Up to you, but there’s the offer.

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