Doggie tales

German Shepherds – Loyal.  Intelligent.  Strong.  These are the words most associated with the breed.  However, I’ve put together a little montage to suggest otherwise…. (what can I say, it’s Friday and I’m feeling a little giddy).

My sister’s dog, Keema, is a white German Shepherd who is an impressive 12 years old.  She’s wiggled her way into our hearts through various clandestine operations over the years, such as:

A.   Sustained stalking – it’s like those eyes in a painting that seem to follow you around a room! (“Where are you going?  What’s that you’re eating?  A sandwich?  Going to the loo?  I STILL SEE YOU!!)



B.   Tugging on our heart strings (I swear, I never chewed that slipper, and that steak, it was for me right?  I still get my treat, don’t I?)



C.   Taking us for VERY long walks (Hey, we haven’t gone down this path yet.  You’re not going home already are you?   I’m off to find the muddiest puddle I can splash in.  Let’s walk FOREVER!)


D.   Always the class clown, she does her best to make us giggle – even fancy dress!  (It’s Simon Cowell!  You’ve got four yesses :))

Tracy's phone 013


E.  Emotional blackmail.  (I’ll give you a kiss if you give me that pork and apple sausage on the counter.  Fall for it every time!)

Digital image



But most of all, she’s just the best friend in the world.  She’s drives you nuts a lot of the time, but you wouldn’t have her any other way.

Digital image

All credit for the photos goes to my sister, who is intent on making Keema the most photographed dog in history!  (Sorry sis, but seriously, we need to talk about this!)


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